2 years ago

What makes the Alfa 4C better than an Elise?

Whenever I purchase a new car, I always order off ebay two extra chipkeys blanks. I take them to Home Depot, Lowes, or a locksmith to have them cut the key. Then I program them using the owners manual from the car. Usually a special pattern of inserting the good key, turning the ignition key 4 or 5 times, put in blank key, soforth and soforth. Each manufacturer is different and there normally is a limit on the amount of keys you can copy. On a Mercedes I had, it required the dealer to cut the keys for me. It was a bit more than Home Depot, but they had better key cutting equipment. If you can't find anyone to cut the key, just go to the dealer. I believe they charged me $15 per key just to cut them.

My mazda has a chip key and it came with a wrong spare key to fvdi programmer a different car. Problem is, i did not find out until a year after i bought it. Oh well....I guess i will have to be very careful so i do not lose my only key.

They need to make locking lugs that are paired with a particular type of stud so that they actually lock together. Sure it means you have to replace some studs but so what.I've got aftermarket wheels as well and I still use them. I guess it goes back to a time when any amount of deterrent was better than none, the idea being the thieves would just mosey on down to the next car without them.

"These days" however with battery powered impacts and whatever else, I agree they are less useful. But I still use them, hah. That said I do have 2 keys and I haven't actually ever misplaced one.